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October starts in the best way for all WOR(l)D users.

Loyalty Membership is the program studied by WOR(l)D to receive always, each month, all the available services, simply paying a monthly fee.

The arrival of Loyalty Membership is also an opportunity for WOR(l)D to introduce the revolutionary idea of LifeLog, that will enrich the Loyalty Membership offer.

With $59 a month, 30 CV and a Fast Start Bonus of $6, Loyalty Membership rewards you with promotions and services not to be missed:

5 Activation Vouchers HELO Pro Plan
– Your personal access to Helo Pro Plan
– Give your relatives and friends the chance to experience the PRO services

75 Loyalty Points*
– Collect points to access Forever programs or to buy any WOR(l)D products

Protection Plan (for Advanced Level and Above)
– Protect your device with a complete and safe protection plan*

Space System Business Tools Activation
– 1000 seats for your web conference and 512 GB for your data in the Cloud: the basic instruments for your business.
*details available in your backoffice.

With Loyalty points earned each month, you will access World Mobile Forever and World Wearable Forever programs, that allow you to receive for free a new device each year** or get the necessary points to obtain for free a WOR(l)D product.

By collecting points, you increase your level: Loyalty Memebrship has three affiliation levels:

– Basic (up to 199 points): your first level, you enter the magic world of Loyalty from the main door. And for you, immediately 10 points at the activation.

– Advanced (from 200 to 799 points): the first important goal. The ADVANCED level allows you to activate the Protection Plan for your WOR(l)D device, giving you an extra guarantee in case your device breaks accidentally. An extra 15 Loyalty points as soon as you reach this level.

– Premium (more than 800 points). All VIP privileges at your service, assuring you priority services in our pick up offices, our call center, to reserve the meeting rooms all over the world and to book and pickup our products. And you get an extra 20 Loyalty Points.

It’s easy to imagine the advantages of the Loyalty Membership even in your business, where customers and distributors will be able to activate the monthly autoship, without even thinking about it. A network which grows, day by day, with the gain you always dreamed of, without collecting products, but simply activating useful services for your business and your health.

For all the details, please donwload the PDF file.

Welcome Loyalty Membership.

**choose between the lineup at the moment of the attainment or the achievement of the necessary points.